First Time Dog Owner? Here’s What You Need to Know

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When you get a pet, like a dog, it means that you’re ready for the responsibility that comes with it. Around 40% of Americans have dogs in their households; dogs are the top choice of pets by animal lovers. Studies show that dogs are part of a kind of co-evolutionary cycle, which has gradually evolved to feature certain physical traits and personalities that animal lovers prefer. Click about  to get info on Dogs . Before actually opening the doors of your home to new pets, there are certain things to consider.
As first time dog owners, you’ll learn a lot during the actual caring of the pet but here are three of the most crucial points to look into.
1. Supervise their Eating
When you haven’t really had a dog in the household before, you might be too excited about a furry little companion to go with you. However, these pets are not only there as toys, you are their owner and the one responsible for taking care of their health and needs. Dogs are prone to a lot of unwanted digestive issues, especially if they eat the wrong kind of food. Among the many food that you should never give these dogs are wine, grapes, garlic, oils, avocado and the junk food that humans tend to eat. Besides their food, make sure that your pet drinks enough water, if not then it’s time to modify their diet; either you add more wet food into their diet or you pour water into their bowl of dry dog food. Since dogs are energetic, they tend to be dehydrated, especially when the weather is hot; an additional challenge for the dog is when they’re just getting used to their surroundings and don’t know where to get water.
2. Proper Disciplining
Even though we want the dogs to freely run around the property and have fun, implementing some kind of structure is remains crucial. When you choose not to enroll them under professional discipline courses, then you have to be their teacher at home.Read more about Dogs. Puppies have to be first trained on a leash and when they get the general feel of it, adjust their speed and pacing when taking them out for a walk.
3. Teach them to be Sociable
By nature, dogs and people are social creatures, thus both get along so well. Dogs love to socialize with other animals apart from humans, just as long as they’re exposed at an early age. Dogs that outright snap at people who just happen to pass by are likely left undisciplined by their owners or have little to no interaction with other dogs. Dogs that spend time with other dogs are more aware of what actual threats look like and thus behave a lot better than dogs who don’t.

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